Playa Grande

Real Estate

Exclusive Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Playa Grande is one of the most spectacular sites in entire Caribbean, with approximately 11 km of coastline, permitted to sell over 500 residential units. Those include the Amanera Villas and units in the Playa Navio phase which will be launched following the establishment of Amanera.

Amanera Villas

The Amanera Villas at Playa Grande overlook the pristine Caribbean coastline from the seclusion of a craggy clifftop clad with jungle” to: “The Amanera Villas at Playa Grande are exquisitely positioned, with commanding views over the Playa Grande Golf Course, set within an environment of exuberant local vegetation and with spectacular ocean views.

Other Real Estate

Following the success of the Amanera Villas at Playa Grande, one of the Dominican Republic’s finest beaches, the luxury real estate offering is set to expand as part of Playa Grande Club & Reserve’s second phase. The Villas at Playa Navio and the Mountain Reserve will enjoy the same privacy, attention to detail and enriching views, as well as privileged access to the adjacent Amanera Hotel’s unparalleled facilities.