Ocean & Land Pursuits

The Playa Grande’s coast and wildlife within its waters are alluring, whether you scuba dive into the depths of the ocean or snorkel alongside turtles, seahorses and ancient treasures. Perhaps you want to go for a morning stand-up paddle or skim over the surf in the Club’s boat, hunting for Marlin and Sailfish. Or maybe it’s a day for canoeing, kayaking or sailing. The Outdoor Pursuits team is ready to help you experience all of the ocean life and its beauty. Or you can stay on land and hike or bike around the community enjoying amazing vistas with The Mountain Club experience.

Ocean Pursuits

A Playground in the Water

Dive into the sparkling, turquoise blues and explore famous sunken shipwrecks in waters that are a treasury of ancient history and natural wonders.

Snorkel among the exotic sea life that inhabits the turquoise waters surrounding Playa Preciosa.

Kiteboarding is a great sport for adrenaline junkies and those with a more conservative approach to fun.

Adrenaline seekers will love our 1,500 foot Sky Line Ocean Zipline right over the turquoise waters of Playa Preciosa.

Explore the northern shore of La Costa Verde in your own private boat or have one of our OP experts take you on a guided tour.

The Outdoor Pursuits team can teach you stand-up paddle boarding.

The Mountain Club

A Playground Off the Shore

Enjoy miles of running, hiking, and biking trails amidst 400 acres of protected nature reserve.

4-wheel ATV’s are available at The Mountain Club for you to have one of our knowledgeable experts take you on an educational tour of the local area.

Hop on a mountain bike and explore the rugged terrain on the trails in 400 acres of the reserve.

With our planned equestrian complex onsite, you can enjoy quiet horseback rides through jungle pathways.

Revitalizing and relaxing yoga classes or private yoga sessions are offered along the beach.

The adventurous must experience our zipline through the verdant jungle.


Freshwater Lagoons

Enjoy a boat ride along the beautiful blues of Laguna Gri Gri and find an idyllic waterscape lined by mangroves and alive with the sounds of tropical seabirds. Nearby beaches offer the perfect setting to picnic along freshwater lagoons. Laguna Dudu offers an experience of its own, providing freshwater holes ideal for swimming, cliff-jumping, and zip-lining adventures.

Cigar Rolling

The cigar trade is deeply rooted in the Dominican Republic’s history and culture, attracting cigar-enthusiasts from around the world. Visit one of the numerous cigar factories to delight in the art, history and process of cigars being rolled by hand.

Bird Watching

The Dominican Republic is home to an abundance of unique aquatic and avian wild life. Bird watching is a popular pursuit for many, as the land’s jungles, mountains, and crystal-clear coastlines offer an optimal setting to immerse oneself in the natural habitat of the local fauna.


Experience local nightlife with vibrant art, dance, and musical festivities found in the towns surrounding Playa Grande, such as Cabrera,  Cabarete, Rio San Juan and Nagua. The Dominican Republic’s rich culture, celebrated cuisine, and traditional celebrations make for a truly memorable evening.